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Titan Impact 740 Low Rider Airless #805-008

$2,895.00 USD $4,032.00 USD Save $1,137.00 USD

Heavier coatings call for more power and performance. Time to invest in the Impact® 740, designed for extended, heavy-duty performance on larger residential and commercial projects. This is the sprayer contractors turn to when the time comes to larger projects. Recommended for small and medium and some large residential, commercial and industrial projects where a wide range of coatings - from stains to block fillers - are being applied.

Sprays stains, lacquers, enamels, latex and block fillers

  • Designed to consistently spray 150-200 gallons per week
  • Quad+ Packings™ - designed to wipe abrasive coatings clean during operation, preventing damage to the piston or the main sealing lip
  • AutoOiler™ - with the push of a button you deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings
  • Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean to speed flushing and clean-up
  • PermaLife™ Cylinder - never wears, never needs replacing
  • Full size manifold filter
  • Fast removal fluid section - T-slot piston and simple clamped upper housing make removal fast

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