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Pro Exterior Paint Kit


*Comment the location in which you are painting this color so we can note your account. Example: Bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc.

Outfitted to supply you with all the tools you’ll need to paint your exterior from gable to foundation. You save $28 by buying our recommended pre-packed kit. Looking to paint your interior, too?

Check out our Pro Interior Paint Kit and our Pro Interior Trim Paint Kit.

  • 5Gallon paint bucket
  • 5Gallon HD Bucket Grid
  • 2Gallon paint bucket
  • 2Gallon HD Bucket Grid
  • 72" 3M Masking Film
  • 12" Brown Masking Paper
  • 9" Wooster Roller Frame Sherlock 
  • 2-4' Wooster Roller Frame Sherlock GT
  • 4.5" x .5" AllPro Gold Plus Miniatures
  • 14" Jumbo Koter Handle
  • .5" x 9" AllPro MasterKnit HD
  • 2.5" Wooster Chinex FTPBrush
  • 1.5" AllPro Gold Plus Masking Tape
  • 1" PT-14 Blue Masking Tape