Drake’s Paint


Value Interior Paint Kit


*Comment the location in which you are painting this color so we can note your account. Example: Bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc.

If your interior paint project includes trim detail you’ll want to include this kit along with your purchase of our Pro Interior Trim Kit to get the job done like a pro!  

Need to paint the exterior, too? Check out our Pro Exterior Paint Kit.

  • Handy Paint Cup
  • 4' Wooden Extension Pole with Metal Tip 
  • 9' x 12' White Plastic Drop
  • 9" Roller Frame
  • 9" x .5" AllPro MaskterKnit HD
  • 2.5" AllPro Silver Thin Angle Sash Brush
  • 2" White Plastic Putty Knife
  • Half Pint AllPro Pro Patch Spackle
  • 1" Premium Orange Tape
  • Metal Paint Tray
  • Plastic Paint Tray Liner