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Titan Reversible Wide Spray Tips

$41.49 USD $59.99 USD Save $18.50 USD
  • TR1 Premium Tips
  • Fan pattern stays wider longer.
  • Genuine OEM Titan spray tip.
  • Fits all Titan and most other spray gun guards.
  • Comes with 2 metal and 2 rubber seal.

 Airless Spray Tips 
A key component to the successful operation of an airless spray system. They define the spray pattern, control the
flow, atomize the coating and ultimately tell the pump how hard it
must work. A proper understanding of airless tips is critical to the
success of any airless application.

Tip Characteristics
It is important to remember that the orifice size, in conjunction with
the fan-width, determines the spray characteristics of the tip.

Tip Wear
When beginning a project, choosing the right tip size and fan width
will determine both coating consumption and production time. If
the tip size is wrong — either by choice or through wear — mil
thicknesses will be too heavy and the finish will be unprofessional.
The spray pattern chart demonstrates what happens as a tip wears.
As wear occurs, the pattern size decreases and the orifice size
increases. You will have to make more passes to cover the same
area. There is no standard rate of tip wear due to the variation of
the abrasiveness of all coatings.

Reversible tips, are the most versatile tips on the market. They are available in many sizes and can be used for a wide variety of coatings. With a reversible tip, you can easily clear tip clogs by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then triggering the sprayer. Reversible tips can be quickly replaced without removing the tip guard and housing.

Orifice size - inches (thousandths)
Fan Size 0.015 0.017 0.019 0.021
12-14 WS615 WS617 WS619
24-26 WS1219 WS1221
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.24 0.31 1.47 1.78

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