Introducing Drake’s very own AccuOrders™ Paint App

Use the Drake’s AccuOrders™ Paint App to order paint and keep a record of what color, paint brand, and finish used in each room of your home, apartment complex or offices. We can process your paint order and arrange to deliver any custom color to your door or job site. Currently available for FREE on Google Play for Android only. 

Eliminate costly downtime with Job Site Delivery. Download the AccuOrders™ App

Contractors understand the cost of lost time on the job. That’s why we developed our own app so we can take care of getting you the products you need to your job site while your team keeps working—even if your team is your ‘home’ team and your job site is your backyard. Download the AccuOrders™ App for FREE now! Available from Google Play.

Get it on Google Play
Home screen of Drakes's AccuOrder App

All in one order,
manage, and delivery

Lets you place paint orders and manage all of your paint projects and product details in one place.

Customer and project
data entry

Create your own account and share with sub contractors and customers to keep track of project inventory and purchases for each project. 

3 ways to order
with 1 touch

Speak directly with a Drake's outside sales rep to arrange job site delivery or troubleshoot.
Check on order status, call our store or place another order
with just one touch.

Post paint jobs to assemble your team

Post painting jobs to attract
and hire sub contractors for specific job sites and duration. Your data is kept for reposting
another job at a later date.