Custom Paint Mixing in Medford, OR

Custom Paint Mixing

Custom Paint Mixing in Medford, OR

We can match color to any source.

Whether you select a paint chip from among the thousands in our Medford or Grants Pass, OR store or shop  Benjamin Moore and Dunn-Edwards brands’ color palettes online, you can trust we will deliver the colors you crave with our custom paint mixing service. Drake's Paint & Supply can even match a faded color if your project requires touching up. Our team has a keen eye for detail and won’t hand over your order until both they, and you, are satisfied.

Color often appears darker when painted in a smaller area and lighter when covering a larger area. We recommend painting at least two swatches measuring 3' x 3' on two different walls; one that reflects light from a window and one that doesn’t. This is a good test to see if you will like the color during the day and at night. Before you commit to a color for your home it’s best to order a few paint samplers to see how the color changes throughout the day.

We are experts at custom paint mixing and matching any color from a paint chip off a wall, a piece of fabric or even another paint brand. Often, customers are trying to match an existing color whose origination is unknown, even which brand of paint. Our entire team is trained to distinguish hues and pigments, so we pride ourselves in working on a match until we get it right!

You can purchase our Benjamin Moore Color Samples and try your color choice at home. And if you are a fan of Dunn-Edwards, you can also purchase a Dunn-Edwards Color Samples.


Because Benjamin Moore and Dunn-Edwards paint lasts for years, we strongly suggest taking the time to do a sampler application to help you finalize your color decision before asking our custom paint mixing service to mix your paint. Contact us today to learn more.

Color Matching Apps

If you are a fan of apps, check out the following paint mixing and free color matching apps. Then, bring in your custom selection for us to custom mix.

Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App

Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio App

Download the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app. This free app allows you to access Benjamin Moore fan decks, experiment with color using pictures from your phone, match paint color with the Benjamin Moore ColorReader device, and more! Harness the power of Benjamin Moore color, wherever you are–for free. Save colors and share images with family and colleagues. Interior design consultants can communicate color collaboration with clients. Available for iPhone and Android.



Dunn-Edwards InstaColor® App

Inspiration is everywhere! Capture what inspires you with our color-matching tool, Dunn-Edwards InstaColor®. Point your hand-held device at any scene, take a photo and see your inspiration matched to colors from Dunn-Edwards® Perfect Palette® color system, including the 300 new colors of our Then, Now & Forever™ collection. Available for iPhone and Android.