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"Charmer Yellows" Interior Paints

Yellow lifts spirits while providing warmth

Drake's Paint & Supply carries a selection of "Charmer Yellows" interior and exterior paints. Yellow-painted walls add energy and optimism to any room. Just remember that saturated yellows can be strong, one of the reasons brighter yellows are typically used for accent colors, while muted and light yellow paints work better for an entire room. While bolder yellows are great for accent colors, we recommend more muted, toned-down yellows when painting more than one wall in a room. 

Yellow is often associated with health and well-being, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular color for kitchens. In any room, a yellow accent wall in an otherwise white or neutral room adds instant vitality. 

    The appearance of wall colors tends to shift throughout the day. Paint colors are especially prone to taking on different tonalities from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions. We suggest that you purchase a color sample of the shades you like best and test each one before you decide on a final color.


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    Tinted product is not returnable.

    Selecting Sheen for Your Color

    The selection of finish depends on the desired mood, aesthetic and functional goal of the room you are painting. For a highly sophisticated look, paint both walls and trim in one hue, either using the same finish on both surfaces, or using a lower sheen on the walls such as a matte. Opt for a semi-gloss or high gloss on the trim for a subtle contrast.

    A matte paint delivers a soft, contemporary appearance.

    Higher sheens, like semi-gloss, are easy to clean, making them great options for cabinets or doors that are frequently opened, closed and in general, touched a lot.

    High Gloss
    A higher gloss offers dramatic highlights, making a painted room feel more formal.