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Pro Interior Paint Kit


*Comment the location in which you are painting this color so we can note your account. Example: Bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc.

Our in store recommendation to provide all the necessary tools for a professional looking interior paint job. You save $25 by buying our recommended pre-packed kit. If your project includes some trim detailing add our Pro Interior Trim Paint Kit to your cart.

Thinking about freshening up the exterior, too? Check out our Pro Exterior Paint Kit.

  • 5Gallon paint bucket
  • 5Gallon HD Bucket Grid
  • 4' x 15' Fabric Drop Cloth
  • Handy Magnetic Paint Pail
  • Six Pack Handy Paint Pail Liners
  • 9" Wooster Roller Frame Sherlock
  • 9" x .5" UltraFast Polyamide Roller 
  • 2.5" Pro Plus Firm Nylon/Poly Thin Brush
  • 2-4' Wooster Roller Frame Sherlock GT
  • Half Pint AllPro Pro Patch Spackle
  • 1" PT-14 Blue Masking Tape
  • 1.25" Rosewood Handle Putty Knife