TriTech T93 Fine Finish Reversible Tips

Reversible tips, are the most versatile tips on the market. They are available in many sizes and can be used for a wide variety of coatings. With a reversible tip, you can easily clear tip clogs by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then triggering the sprayer. Reversible tips can be quickly replaced without removing the tip guard and housing.

Unique double-orifice atomizes the coating twice – each time finer than the first to achieve an ultra-fine finish. 28 fan pattern/orifice size combinations are available.5000 PSI


While Drake’s supplies the highest grade spray tips - all tips will wear with normal use. Using a worn tip can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted paint and labor; because when a tip wears the size of the orifice increase and the fan width decreases.

Drakes paint spray tip wear guide

Orifice size - inches (thousandths)
Fan Size 0.008 0.010 0.012
4-6 201-208 201-210 201-212
6-8 201-308 201-310 201-312
8-10 201-408 201-410 201-412
Flow Rate (gpm) 0.05 0.09 0.12